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Ministry of Magic is a full service graphic design company with much to offer large and small business alike. 

From humble beginnings, designing small advertisements for knock-and-drop publications, Ministry of Magic is now the designers and editors of Flamingo - Air Namibia's in-flight magazine and has become a trusted name for quality design and layout. In this time, with Media Nova Namibia at the helm, Flamingo has grown to a rich, informative top quality in-flight magazine. In December of 2014 it has also grown to the thickest Flamingo magazine in its 18 year history.

Ministry of Magic has also become a trusted advisor and designer for many companies in Namibia - large and small. Taking a brief peek at our portfolio, you will recognize many names from around Namibia and a handful from South Africa.

We are delighted at the growth we have experienced over the years, and the trust that has been placed in us to be the vehicle that takes business ideas and messages to market. 

This growth consequented that our services are ever expanding; Ministry of Magic now also offers full web design and hosting services, as well as agency services for small to medium enterprizes.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas - and take you to market.